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Lifestyle Session

Cherish the moments and create memories that are full of hearts, laughter, and created together are your families legacy.

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Lifestyle Sessions

This 2 hour lifestyle session will take place IN your home and capture the real moments and heartbeat of your family. Don't worry about a perfect home and just enjot the time spent with your family. I truly capture it all! Let the fun begin!

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The Haveman's

"Kelly brings something so special and unique to the art of photography.. she has an amazing gift for capturing the connections between people and the spirit of individuals in her photographs! As a mom of three sweet boys, I want to remember how they are at different stages! It's such a gift for my hubby and I to look back at photo from just a couple of years ago and laugh about the interactions between our little guys!"

Brandon & Kara

"Kelly is one of the best photographers we have had the privilege of working with, and more than once! She is organized, confident, calm, funny and extremely patient allowing us time to regroup when needed. Kelly has a way of catching those real life moments and smiles. We loved the way she captured our family and every little detail, and are blessed to have these pictures we will cherish forever."

The Slater's

"Kelly has photographed our family (that includes three rambunctious boys) not once, but twice! I could jokingly say she is brave but honestly, she is just very, very good at what she does. Kelly offered so much of herself at our sessions in not only her time but in her conversation and encouragement. It didn't really feel like we were having a photo session so much as walking around, catching up with an old friend and just living our life playing with our kids. 

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Session Information

These sessions are all about fun, connection and real life moments you want to remember at this stage in your life! These sessions last 2 hours or so and we take breaks if need be.
I started offering these sessions as I know that the real life moments in our own homes are pure gold!
Do you love to wrestle with your children, bake, read books, snuggle? Belly laughs are a must and you will always cherish these sweet tat home memories! 


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Getting Ready for your Session

Never feel like you have to have your home completely spotless. I'm on your team and will clear anything that needs to be removed.

Getting Ready for your Session

How to dress? Casual, yet stylish. Stay true to what you love. Bear feet are my favorite in home and keep it simple.

Getting Ready for your Session

What if my children are misbehaving? As a mom of two boys, nothing phases me. I have tips and tricks to engage children and we always have a great time.


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