meet kelly braman

The adventurer and lover of light hailing from Michigan. A woman with a passion and heart for Jesus.

The small town gal who loves Jesus with her whole heart. Kelly loves on her adorable husband, Micah and two boys who are sweeter than honey, Jack and
Charlie b. We couldn't forget the real baby of the family, Sullivan James, the 70lb lap dog. Kelly has a heart for uplifting others to who God has called them to be. We, as women, are hard enough on ourselves and doubt way too often so let's give compliments freely and help one another on this amazing life journey. 

MEET kelly

hello there

The Braman Family

My greatest calling in life is to be Micah's wife and Jack and Charlie's mother. 

They support my dreams and allow me to pursue my passion as a photographer. 
I am forever grateful to God for gifting me these men and this business. 
They are the reason I photograph each moment as if it were my own...I am so keenly aware of the 
importance of these memories and how quickly time passes.

these are my treasures


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