Family sessions on location are also fun! Do you love a country setting, the beach or somewhere sentimental to you?
These sessions last about an hour and are full of running, playing, snuggling and laughs! 
Stay true to your style while not matching, but coordinating. Pastels photograph beautifully and can be paired with grey, navy or white :) 
Have fun with your outfits for this fun outdoor session!

Family Sessions

"Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short." - Unknown

That's the good stuff.

I began photographing families because I am a mama myself. My boys are teenagers now so I understand how important documenting these years are! It flies be so incredibly fast! Oh, how I wish I had more photos of me in them! When they were little enough to fit onto my lap and twirl my hair. One more story book to read and one more tickle fight. 

Family favorites






Frequently Asked Questions





Does my home have to be perfect?

Absolutely not! Kelly has an eye for the little nooks in your home that will showcase your family well. Never feel like you have to have your home completely spotless. Kelly is on your team and will clear anything that needs to be removed.

What do I wear?

Casual, yet stylish. Stay true to what you love. Bear feet are my favorite in home and keep it simple.

What if my children are misbehaving?

Nothing phases Kelly as a mom of two boys of her own. Because of this, she has tips and tricks to engage children and we always have a great time.

Pro Tip: Smarties are her secret weapon. *Must be parent approved.

How do I get dad on board?

Oh, dads! Why do you think this will be like pulling teeth? Did you have a bad experience and now your 
photography experience has been tainted? haha. Rest assured this session will be different! I have so much fun with my families and dads always get on board with the laid back approach and true interaction.


We can't say enough wonderful things about Kelly! The images she has captured for our family have truly been moments that we will cherish forever. We love her natural approach to family photos and we loved having her come into our home to document our "real, everyday life." Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for creating beautiful moments for us to look back on for the rest of our lives. We can't thank you enough!

"The images she has captured have truly been moments that we will cherish forever. "

The Harrison Family

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I chose Kelly Braman Photography for her creative guidance throughout our photo sessions. From helping with locations, wardrobe, and themes, she and I work closely to make sure we get the shots we need. I trust Kelly with my favorite people, these special moments. She puts her own stamp and magic on every frame. It's the calling card of a true artist.

"She puts her own stamp and magic on every frame. It's the calling card of a true artist. "

The Black Family

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Kelly brings something so special and unique to the art of photography.. she has an amazing gift for capturing the connections between people and the spirit of individuals in her photographs! As a mom of three sweet boys, I want to remember how they are at different stages! It's such a gift for my hubby and I to look back at photo from just a couple of years ago and laugh about the interactions between our little guys!

"She has an amazing gift for capturing the connections between people. "

The Haveman Family

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