February 6, 2021

Bahamas // Kelly Braman Photography Travels

Why, hello, friends!

We are currently in a real life snow globe with a blizzard upon us in Michigan and I do think it is absolutely so PRETTY…I also think dreaming of the next vacation is always a good idea.

Want to come away with me to the Bahamas?

Take a peek at our family holiday on the quiet little island of Eleuthera, Bahamas.

We decided that we needed a family refresh to wrap up 2020 and ring in the new year of 2021 on this charming island in the Carribean!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions as we Highly Recommend our rental home and asked the locals where to find the best nooks! We will return!



We left Christmas night. It was so pretty in the airport.
Getting sketchy directions and driving on the opposite side of the road! Team work! ha
seriously breathtaking!!! Anyone LOVE the water??
This rental home was so beautiful! Set up perfectly for families and entertaining!
I am Allll about quiet mornings, sunrise and coffee. My husband and I love to experience the mornings together. My favorite.
Friends..when we arrived we had the cool temps and WIND that was wild! The locals said it was the worst it has been in 20 years! Ha! It couldn’t bring us down! We rolled with it!
Charlie checking out the outdoor showers. I love catching his excitement. His smile and laugh are the absolute BEST!
love him.

Isn’t it Amazing how God draws us in with these gorgeous sunrises and sunsets?

We found the cutest outdoor market. You had to go EARLY to get fresh bread and all the veggies and dips! It was so cute!
I am so thankful that our cousins that we traveled with loved to stop when we saw a pretty spot. This little gem offered wine by the glass and jazz. Perfection.

It’s so fun seeing Charlie having fun! He had a rough year.
All of us together was wonderful to my mama heart.
love them. We miss Jack who grew up and moved away. It’s God’s design, but let me just say…he LOVE every moment with him.
This was a HIGHLIGHT and moment I will NEVER forget! Jack baptizing Charlie.
Thank you, Jesus.
We had the best vacation! So many laughs!
My cousin, Annie, and I ate lunch here. We MAY have snuck into the pool with help from our server. We met a couple from Alabama ( I believe) and it was such a fun memory.
FYI…al fresco dining is my love language. We paid for it…$80 for a salad with fresh salmon and a drink. Worth it.
My heart.
Next time…

You MUST go to Harbour Island. You take a boat and then rent cute golf carts! It was a highlight with my sweet cousin, Annie!
I am a rule follower by nature so when Annie said…jump into this car…I was reluctant and then totally did! I think we help each other 🙂 ha The boys went fishing and had the best time while we zipped around this cute island!
Friends…the charm. My husband pulled over for me to snap these. I was just so drawn to the sweetness and detail.
love this sweet & sassy lassy.

Dunmore Hotel & Resort was a favorite. Pink sand beach? Yes, please!!!
I don’t drink often, but champagne toasts for a new year were in order!
Outdoor showers and fishing poles were perfect for the boys.
This was the minute we arrived and saw our private beach. Charlie B. loves Christmas and winter and wasn’t too keen on coming along on this trip. (I know!)
I think you can see he was pleasantly surprised. He had the best time 😉
Cracking coconuts from the palm trees.
Two double rainbows in two days.
Classic scene. My husband, the chef, kept us WELL fed each and every meal.
He’s the real MVP.
My boys will never say no to Annie. I loved every minute. AND I won 😉
Charlie brought the entertainment! He’s good!
Dinner out! It felt Ah-mazing! Happy New Year!
Annie and I whipped up apps and turned up the music. Truth be told everyone was in bed by 9pm on New Years! haha Early days = Early nights! It’s all good!
Many have messaged me about international travel. Yes, you have to jump through hoops. Yes, I think it is worth it! You have to have a negative covid test 72 hours before you travel. You have to have a visa and travel insurance. Then, on day 5 of your trip, you have to get another rapid test. Masks were enforced. It was FAR from how we are used to hopping on a plane to travel, but still well worth it!
morning walks on the beach and chats with Jesus. Seriously…how is God this sweet??????
In awe. Always.
We will return, Bahamas. Thank you for the memories!!