November 5, 2018

Couples Shoot in ITALY!! // Positano, Italy

Oh, me, oh, my!




I still can’t believe we went and were able to explore, document and soak up the goodness that is Italy!


Danielle and Joe are those dream clients and now friends. When you spend a week in Italy with one another, you get to know a person…. they have now seen my dance moves while I have a new appreciation for spring water (ie Evian…thank you for that, Danielle;)  and they have heard me speak in my own slang ( I am a mama to teenagers so that is my excuse;) Oh, to be in the car with this bunch! ha

I have so much to say about this amazing couple whom I adore!

This is our second adventure together. We first traveled to Rhode Island and that was charming and oh-so-sweet at the Moore House. They asked if I would be up for a European adventure and I was ALL IN! The timing was absolutely perfect for all of us and we felt it was truly meant to be.


We flew into Rome and on little sleep we went full force and took in all of the sights. Rome feels like another world. Ok..technically it is to me, but seriously…the rich history, the buildings that left me speechless and literally walking where Paul walked in the bible was beyond my comprehension. I was in absolute awe.


We then ventured to Tuscany. Another DREAM. We stayed in the most adorable airbnb’s and our rooms had shutters that opened up to an actual working olive grove. I, again, was in absolute awe. You have these pictures in your mind, but to actually be there was so unbelievable! You will see from these beautiful images how magical this place was. I LOVE what I captured of these sweethearts. I truly captured their love. They are playful and sweet and oh so in love. They truly are. They think of each other and navigated us around as a team and I was very impressed with how they loved each other so well.

You will see from the images (which I could have easily posted 500 more) that we found the quaintest little villages and around every single corner was something else that was even more adorable than the last. We enjoyed homemade pasta, the V best gelato on the face of the earth and my gluten free self was able to enjoy bread with the tastiest olive oil I have ever had! I could go on and on about the slower pace way of life and just how thoughtful everyone seemed to be with their time. It was absolutely refreshing!

If you are still with me…last, but certainly, not least…Positano!


This has been on my list for about 3 years if not more. I was researching this charming sea side town and was sending my husband photos as a hint for our anniversary. You can see how the timing of this trip was so perfect and I believe orchestrated by God. He knows what each of us need and I feel as though this was a wink from heaven.


Positano, Italy was a dream! The little homes tucked into the side of the mountain were breathtaking. We found the very best airbnb with the perfect view. We must talk about the amount of stairs involved. ha I am all for hiking and adventuring and friends…this place was WELL WORTH IT, but don’t be fooled…take it from me…the stairs are never ending. Believe the blogs online that say the streets will eat up your shoes and feet. I tried to be all cute and wear some that were not exactly comfy and it was a mistake. Day 2 I was in full on sneakers and couldn’t have been happier! ha

Joey and Danielle were so much fun! They always treat me like family and we laugh until my face hurts. Joey is hilarious and Danielle is as sweet as they come. Danielle and I had a girls night in Positano complete with the cutest(ugliest) shower caps, 14k gold under eye masks and pjs. It was a forever favorite memory with her. We ironed clothing on the little countertop and prepared for their sunrise session the next morning.


This entire adventure has my heart forever. Shared with the very sweetest couple and Amazingly Beautiful memories captured for them was priceless. I wish I could tell you every little detail as there is so much more, but this is the highlight post. Feel free to reach out or email me if you want to know where we stayed, what we loved or if you would like to have your own adventure documented! I am your gal!


Joey and Danielle…where will our next adventure take us? 😉 Thank you for sharing your hearts and love with me and I hope you cherish these memories and tuck them in your heart! So much love to you! Always!


Love and Blessings,