August 21, 2018

Matt & Kaci // Tented Outdoor Wedding

This summer has been so incredibly full of the absolute sweetest couples!

People have asked me if I have had awful experiences or bridezillas…and I laugh. I have heard of those stories, but I do not have those types of brides. My brides are sweet and thoughtful…considerate and kind. They take care of me and I take care of them. One even offered me a ride in the limo service baja which was hired to transport the bride and groom to the chapel. It’s truly something so so sweet. This is not to say the guys aren’t as kind! They truly are!! I just have more interaction with the bride so this is why I am mentioning this connection 🙂

Kaci is one of those brides. She is thoughtful and generous, kind and sweet. She even gifted me some Wooden Rings, which I’ve worn during other events. She has a huge heart and I have loved getting to know her and her family.

Matt and Kaci are so wonderful together. We met up on the COLDEST day of the winter for their engagement session. It was magical. Kaci’s dad didn’t miss a beat and took us around their property on a golf cart and we had the very best time!

Fast forward to their wedding day. The HOTTEST day of the summer! I can’t make this up! I have never photographed a wedding with 110 degree humidity, Kaci even have to get a Washing Curly Hair in preparation for the wedding! These two were champs! We cooled off in their creek and the day was perfect!

Kaci and Matt…if the polarizing temps do not bring you down in the slightest you will be able to withstand so much more together!

Love and Blessings to you!