July 27, 2018

Travel // Kelly Braman Photography



Oh, my! I am so excited you are here! I have been wanting to share this little part of my website for quite some time. Travel fires me up and makes my heart sing!


I am a mama to two boys and wife to a handsome husband who is more interested in learning about the top crossbow for hunting than traveling. So traveling isn’t something I am able to do often. I try to sneak in trips throughout the year because MICHIGAN. Enough said. ha


I actually love the seasons of Michigan, but the winters can be brutal and this girl needs some adventure and Vitamin D in my off season from shooting weddings and families. Thus….the launch of the travel section on my site! YAY!


What does this mean for you? Welp…you can now take me with you to document your memories! Yep! It’s not as uncommon as one might think. This works well for couples and families who know they are going to want to document part of their trip so they take me along for one leg of it OR all of it!! All of the info is on my website under the TRAVEL tab!

Let me know your thoughts on this and if this is something you have thought of but didn’t think was possible? OR…if this has you now thinking of the next adventure that needs to be documented well!


Thank you, as always, for following along on this journey with me and cheering me on! I love each and every client of mine and am grateful and blessed to know you!


*take a peek at one of my all time favorite couples : Joey and Danielle! Our time in Rhode Island was truly magical and full of fun, laughter, amazing images of these two and great conversation! I must add that we stayed at the most ADORABLE boat house designed and owned by @moorehouse. I could have easily posted a million more!! So good! Let’s do it again, Guys!!! So much love to you!



Hugs and love!