July 16, 2018

denooyer Family // kelly braman photography private residence lake michigan

Meet the Denooyer family!


I pulled up to their adorable lake front home and immediately knew we were a great fit! I loved their outfits and style, paired with their light hearted personalities, and was excited to capture their sweet family.

I just love photographing families. These are part of their legacy and I have that tucked into my heart as I document their connection, love and laughter.

Did I mention the littles were so great?! They lasted as long as they could and then we grabbed some images of just mom and dad 🙂 We laughed and commented on how this crazy thick fog has rolled in and it felt like were some place else! I must also add this is the session that I completely feel backwards walking on the beach as they walked towards me. I tripped over a piece of driftwood! Oy vey! The shot was perfect, but I may have bruised my pride! ha You just have to roll with things…am I right?! ha

Enjoy the images!