July 14, 2016

Tebow Family // Bahamas Family Photographer // Ocean Club Estates Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas

Hi Guys!


Have you enjoyed Family Week? Wasn’t that fun? Tonight we will announce the winner of our giveaway! All three mamas were so excited to make it to the final round and did SO WELL!!!! I can’t wait to see who I will photograph! Big Thank you to my intern, Aubry, as she put the giveaway together and planned it all out! I am shooting so much this time of the year and editing and emails and client consults and trying my darndest to an amazing mama, too:)…so having Aubry on board with this has been a treat!


We thought we would end with MY favorite things to do in the summer!


I am just like many of you…ice cream around the clock…lazy days at the beach(although, for ME, personally…it’s hard for me to just LAY there or is it LIE there???)…grilling…iced coffee…swimming… friends…fresh summer berries…Baseball tourneys for both boys….farm days with our pup at our family property playing croquet and ranger rides…friends…late night laughter….WHITE everything…I love wearing white!…fruity dranks…smores by the bon fire…cute summer hats…journaling and worship music with the windows open…wind blown hair….puppy kisses…favorite summer candles burning…and a personal favorite in our home…sunsets!!!!!!


Here is a little peek into our summer…the beach pic with the sandy toes is actually the Bahamas, but I just came back from a little trip and photographed this ADORABLE and delightful family below…I LOVE their hearts for each other, their son and Jesus!

The Tebows. Yes… THE Tebows 😉 Take a peek!


love and summer blessings,




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